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Sep 20, 2014

Houdini opens store in Gothenburg

In September 2014, Houdini opened the probably most sustainable store in the world on Magasinsgatan in Gothenburg.

- Together with Vasakronan, the world's first climate neutral real estate company, we feel that we are a strong team with a common vision of how we can minimize our impact on the environment and how we can contribute to a vibrant urban environment not only through sustainable products, but by thinking more holistic about the function of a store with a circular thinking as a strong foundation, says Houdini's CEO Eva Karlsson.

The store is located at Magasinsgatan 22 in Gothenburg and is approximately 100 sqm. Besides the obvious of choosing the right materials, colors and lighting from an environmental perspective, we also offer their Re-projects - Reuse, Rent, Repair and Recycle.

Rent, borrow or swap with friends, buy second hand and if you want to buy new products, make sure it lasts long time and is manufactured under good conditions.

- We strongly believe that you can consume in an environmentally friendly way, by just thinking outside the box. Rent, borrow or swap with friends, buy second hand and if you want to buy new products, make sure it is something that lasts a long time and is manufactured under good conditions, both for workers and for the environment, says Maria Sarwe who is in charge of the new store.

We want to inspire people to look at consumption in a new way. We design and manufacture products that are multi-functional, long lasting, and therefore can be used by many. With the Re-projects we prolongs the product life further. This requires a change in behavior even among users, where access to a product and the functionality it delivers, is important - not to own it. With this as a natural part of our business model we created a strong base for the environment and the economy to go hand in hand, rather than being in conflict with each other.

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