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  • Bluesign
M's Skiffer Pants

Our interpretation of the classic outdoor pants. Hidden leg pockets and a lighy yet tough fabric make them the perfect adventure partner.

  • Bluesign
M's Power Jacket

Classic Houdini fleece jacket made in the exceptional Power Stretch Pro from Polartec. Warm, comfy and perfect for layering.

Highlight: M's Motion Light Houdi

Made from surplus fabric

We aim to minimize waste in every step of the production line, including our fabric usage. If we end up with surplus fabric, this is used to create unique and limited edition garments. With the same quality and performance as our normal collection, only more rare. On some of these, we give you a deal on the price like with M's Motion Light Houdi.

Sustainable design

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability Status: 100%

    Every single garment in our spring collection is recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign certified.

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    W's Dawn Dress

    Lightweight, minimalistic dress in recycled polyester with sun protection UPF 50+. Soft, stretchy and quick drying.

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    Houdini Manifesto

    Our manifesto is our promise for the future. It's a set of thoughts that guide us in our daily work and in every decision we make.


Care for what you love

Learn to wash and care for your technical garments and add years to their lifetime. It's easier than you think.

Kids Rainbow Collection

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    Jr's Whirlwind Crew

    Light, soft and stretchy crew for big adventures or everyday use. This all-round crew can be worn as a base layer, second layer, or just as they are depending on the season or activity.

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    Kids Rainbow Collection

    Explore our new limited edition kids collection made in leftover fabrics from our regular collection.

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    Kids Field Tee

    Light and soft t-shirt for active kids. Kids Field Tee is made in strong and soft polyester, perfect for any kind of summer adventure.

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