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Feel the Tree Tee

The new Tree Tee made in soft and cool Tencel is unlike any other t-shirt. Try it on and you will feel the difference.

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Technical and quick-drying summer favorite

Dawn dress

Versatile functionality in a simple form - That’s the idea behind Dawn Dress. It’s made in Wish Woven™, a lightweight stretchy polyester fabric with a feather-soft touch against the skin. It dries quickly and packs down very small. The Dawn Dress is not designed for any specific activity or occasion. It’s made to tag along on any summer adventure.


The fabric in Dawn Dress is called Wish Woven™, a polyester fabric made from 70% recycled and 100% recyclable fibers. It is soft, stretchy and dries in no time if it gets wet. The fabric in this product is completely recyclable. Please bring it back to us so we can recycle it and make new garments from the raw material.

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