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Houdini Reuse

With Houdini Reuse, we have created a marketplace for used Houdini garments: In stores and online. Find unique, top condition Houdini garments or give your old garments new life by passing them forward to a new owner. No clothes deserve to be abandoned.

2011 was the year Houdini Reuse launched in selected stores in Sweden. The initiative came from a need among users to buy and sell their vintage Houdini gear as an effort to extend the lifetime of these products. Houdini clothes are made to last, both in terms of quality and style and besides designing the best possible products, we always want to find additional ways of extending the lifetime of our clothes. Our second-hand service let our customers buy and sell used Houdini garments, extending the lifetime and reducing the overall environmental impact by lowering the need for new garments. It’s also a great way for our customers to find unique pieces or give new life to unused garments. Welcome to the world of Houdini Reuse!

Where can I shop Houdini Reuse?

Online in our webshop 

We have opened the possibility for you to buy used Houdini garments on all of our markets. Visit here.

In our stores in Sweden

Houdini Reuse is available in all of our Swedish stores:
Houdini Hub Göteborg, Sweden
Houdini Hub Åre, Sweden 
Houdini Hub Stockholm, Sweden 


How do I sell garments?

1. Bring your Houdini garments to one of our stores. Find them through our store locator. We only accept washed Houdini garments in very good condition. Our experts in store will grade your garment on condition and retail price.

2. In exchange, you get a Houdini gift card up to SEK 1000 (NOK 1000 / €100 / $100) that can be used in our stores for new garments or other Reuse garments. If you don’t need anything new right away, you can keep the gift card for up to 10 years or give it to someone that deserves a treat.



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