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  • Daybreak Pullover

    Minimalistic jacket and shirt hybrid with light weather protection. Wear it for hiking, climbing, biking or any other outdoor activity. Light and stretchy.

  • Garments for The Realist

    Be prepared for a mix of weather during autumn. A shell jacket is handy when the rain surprises you on the hike och other outdoor activities. 

  • Skiffer Pants

    The classic outdoor pants; heavy duty, roomy leg pockets, articulated knees and abrasion resistant. What makes Skiffer Pants different is how it feels to wear them. They are stretchy, surprisingly light and give you unparalleled freedom of movement on your hike.

  • Introducing Up Jacket

    Our latest addition to our range of insulation jackets

  • Dunfri Jacket - 100% Circular

    Keeping you warm and the planet cool since 2008: Our Dunfri Jacket has been a Houdini classic worn and loved by many since its first introduction over 10 years ago.

  • Power Air Houdi

    Power Air marks a new era within fleece fabrics, where performance and comfort meets the fight against microplastics.

  • A world innovation in shell layer design

    We are proud to present Lana Jacket and Lana Pants, a four season shell layer made in light, densely woven 100% merino wool. No synthetic blends. No plastic coating. Just the pure performance of nature itself. If you thought you knew wool, think again.

  • The iconic Power Houdi

    The Houdini design team never set out to create the latest news. The goal is to never become old. The Power Houdi has remained virtually unchanged since the launch 15 years ago.

  • Merino wool products

    Soft wool material with natural anti-odor performancet and effective moisture transport. Perfect for an active lifestyle. 

  • Dear winter,

    We are ready for your weightless powder runs and epic ski tours. With a collection of sustainably made ski- and snowboard clothes, designed to keep ourselves warm and happy but also to keep you long, cold and unchanged.

  • Ski touring special

    Are you ready for those long, wonderful days on the mountain? We have selected our favorite garments for ski touring.

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