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"I love getting old"

This Power Houdi has seen over 10 years of adventures and almost as many owners. It has toured the Scandinavian Mountain range on skis and seen the sunrise over the Baltic Ocean from a sea kayak. It has been repaired numerous times and the front zipper has been replaced but it’s a tough one and not ready to give up yet. Some say it’s just getting started. The Houdini Power Houdi has been around for almost 20 years and seen countless adventures.

Imagine the stories it could tell.

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Did you know?

The average garment sold today is worn only 10 times* over its entire lifespan?

Our Power Houdi is worn 100 times* more

We all have items that we never want to part with, that just keep working year after year. The Power Houdi's durable quality and outstanding comfort has made it the number one everyday companion for thousands of people since the launch in 2003.


This blue Power Houdi was sold in 2005 and it has lived life to the fullest. “I’d rather have a rip or two than spend a lifetime in the closet”, it says. We are not sure if a piece of clothing can carry wisdom, but if they can, this one is the Yoda of fleece jackets.

Power Houdi

· Worn on average 1200 times over 10,2 years.
· Made with the exceptional fleece fabric Polartec® Power Stretch Pro™
· Designed for 4-season use and tested with over 20 years of skiing, hiking, and climbing.

W's Power Houdi

Classic Houdini fleece jacket made in the exceptional fabric Power Stretch® Pro™ from Polartec®. Warm, cozy and built to last for ages.

M's Power Houdi

Classic Houdini fleece jacket made in the exceptional Power Stretch® Pro™ from Polartec®. Warm, comfy and built to last for ages.

The story continues


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*According to a customer survey among Power Houdi users conducted in 2019 the garment is worn on average 1200 over 10,2 years.

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