The Houdini Menu

What happens to our clothes when they are worn out? At Houdini we have recycled garments for years, but with the Houdini Menu project we decided to eat them. Watch a spectacular experiment in circular design.

We put our 100% natural wool line to the ultimate test and cooked a fine dining menu using vegetables grown from the soil of our decomposed base layers. Follow the journey from the Houdini design studio, through Gunnar Eriksson’s compost to the table of chef Sebastian Thureson.

Watch the full story:

By growing vegetables from worn out base layers, we want to showcase how beautiful it is to close the loop.

Eva Karlsson, Houdini CEO

Innovation in merino wool

Our vision has been the same from the start, to create clothes and services that maximize people’s outdoor experiences without having a negative environmental impact on our planet. By growing vegetables from worn out base layers, we want to showcase how beautiful it can be when we manage to close the loop. Food for both thought and taste buds, you could say.

Garments pure enough to be composted

While conventional merino is often mixed with synthetics and other chemicals that do not belong in nature, we envisioned a circular system with merino garments pure enough to be composted. The project ran for four years before the first garments were launched. Since then the range has grown significantly and improved further. See below for a selection from our current wool collection.


Biodegradable garments

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