Friends on an adventure during a windy day wearing windproof and warm garments from Houdini Sportswear

Houdini Media Clippings

We actively try to reach out with our mission and create ripples outside our own industry. Read and listen to a selection of articles and podcasts featuring Houdini.


Techunter 07 digital issue: CEO Eva Karlsson is interviewed

We Dont Have Time: “How could we be proud of profits made at the expense of people and planet?”

ISPO: Corporate responsibility at Houdini: The journey of our lifetime

Barrons: Good Company: Houdini sportswear’s drive toward sustainable innovation

Adventure Journal: Houdini Sportswear has a blueprint for escaping the gear pollution treadmill

Climate and capital media: Swedish outdoor wear maker Houdini aims to make its product line 100% circular by 2022.

Forbes: Houdini encourages businesses to have a positive impact on the planet



The Freetrail podcast: Making Sustainable Trail Running Apparel

Outdoor Minimalist: Can a company be 100 circular?

Change Leaders podcast: Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini - What is a regenerative business model? 

The Decade podcast: A Holistic approach to business with Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini Sportswear

Spuzziness: Outdoor Business Eva Karlsson Houdini: What can we actually do differently right now?

Inner Green Deal: What leadership qualities are needed now? Part 1

Inner green deal: What leadership qualities are needed now? Part 2 With Eva Karlsson

SDG #12: Circular business models with outdoors sportswear brand Houdini with Eva Karlsson

UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub Pavillon @COP26 Enablers for a 1.5 degree future

Half-Earth Day 2021: Companies and investors for a Half-Earth future

We Don't Have Time: Circularity and the race to zero

Zalando’s Inside fashion podcast

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