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Houdini Repair

If your Houdini garment breaks, we will help you repair it. Discover the joy of saving your favorite garments, and reducing their environmental impact.

Repairs & Warranty

Houdini garments are designed to stand the test of time, and together we can make them last a lifetime. If your garment is damaged or worn down over time, we are happy to help mend it for you at a reasonable price.

If your Houdini product has a defect or does not perform as it was designed to, please contact us or the store you bought it from for a repair, replacement or a refund. With your loving care, and maybe a little bit of help from us, your Houdini garment will become a lifelong companion. 

How does it work?

Wash your garment. Send it to one of our skilled tailors. Press one of the links for detailed information for each tailor. If the repair will be paid by you, the payment will be done directly to the tailor. 


A small repair can often prolong a garment’s lifetime with many years.

Local repairs

If you live nearby any of our stores, you can bring your garment and we will help you repair it together with local repair shops.

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When does the warranty apply?

If a component in your Houdini garment breaks before the garment is worn out, we will repair it for you. If you damage your garment we will repair it for a reasonable cost.

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Price list for store repairs

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