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Tree Tee

A fabric made from 100% wood pulp.

Spring news


Could you live off 10 garments during your summer adventure?

At Houdini, we believe you can – and we challenge you to try! Participate in our #LiveLargeWithLess-challenge and help reshape the way we think about our wardrobes.

Fill out the short questionnaire and we will pick five people who can participate in this summer’s edition. If you are selected, you will get to pick 10 Houdini garments, on the condition that these are the only ones you’ll be using during your summer adventure.


Each participant will document their journey through photos, film and some written comments, which we will then share on our IG stories over the summer.


Are you up for the challenge?


The light side of life

Explore light and cool summer garments designed for maximum versatility.

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