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Houdini Rental and Subscription

Humans cannot consume the way we do today. Therefore we offer Houdini Rental and Subscription as an alternative to conventional consumption.

At Houdini, we constantly work to reduce the overall environmental impact of textile consumption. One part is designing products with a smaller impact. The other part is designing a whole new system that lets our customers use our products but still consume less. The basic idea is to share garments. To provide access to our products without having to buy them. We can produce fewer garments, but more people can still enjoy our products on their adventures.


Rental - Rent Houdini products

We have offered rental service since 2012 and it’s growing quickly. From a user perspective there are many benefits, especially for the occasional user: Access to the latest state of the art clothing. Not having to own, store and care for the garment when you're not using it. Having a flexible wardrobe and always being rightly equipped for your adventure. From an environmental perspective, the benefits are perhaps even more striking. We can provide access to our products for more users, without having to produce more garments. We also have full control over the garment lifespan, making repairs and recycling easy. Rental simply makes sense from all perspectives.

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Subscription - Subscribe instead of owning

Since the summer of 2018, we have been running a pilot program for a subscription service. The goal is to design a service that offers more ways of accessing Houdini products without owning them. As an alternative to Rental, where one pays for each use of the garment, the Subscription model is based on paying a monthly fee, giving you acdess to a library of clothes with the option to switch garments whenever you want to. We are looking to launch a public version of the Subscription service in the near future.

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