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Ride Clean — all about PFAS in a talk with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Houdini's product and development team.

February 15 2023, 6-7 pm CET (Houdini Hub Kungsgatan, Stockholm or online)

Welcome to our hub in Kungsgatan, Stockholm for a super interesting and extremely important conversation about PFAS. The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s expert on environmental toxins, Cecilia Hedfors, joins us to give an insight into the seriousness and scope of the problem. PFAS is an umbrella term for over 4,700 highly fluorinated substances, industrially produced chemicals that have been manufactured since the 1950s and are used in a variety of products for their water, grease and dirt repellent properties. Today, PFAS can be found in everything from food packaging and electronics to beauty products, ski wax and dirt- and water repellent membranes for textiles.

Very practical, but unfortunately also very dangerous for humans, animals and nature.

Houdini's material and product development team joins Cecilia to talk about how we at Houdini went about completely phasing out PFAS from our products. Follow the journey from when the topic was raised in 2013 until we became 100% PFAS-free in 2018. 

For those of you who come to our Hub in Stockholm, please stay for a question and answer session with the Nature Conservation Association and the Houdini team.

Please email your registration to and let us know if you will be there or want to participate online.

Link will be sent to you before. Welcome!


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