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Heartbeat summit

HEART 17’s mission is clear – to raise the level of creativity to unlock a virtuous circle of hope and action where one can’t exist without the other. All manifested in a yearly statement - a ‘Week of Hope’ - around United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day. Right now, a sense of hopelessness is felt by many. It risks draining our energy, our sense of belonging, our ability to act. The HEART 17 network consists of people and organizations that are determined to counteract despair and polarization in today’s world – and bring back hope. This is an active choice. This is a human choice.

We at Houdini are proud to be one of the curators to a Collective Act for Hope, to be visualized in the art piece "Human Choice". Join us for the HEARTBEAT SUMMIT, a physical event at Vega, Copenhagen April 20th.

High time to apply for a ticket by signing the HEART 17 manifesto and becoming part of the network

Date: 20th of April in Copenhagen

Apply for a ticket by signing the HEART 17 manifesto and become part of the network

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