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A future in symbiosis

The world is changing fast. Being able to use the resources we have in a truly value-creating way will be crucial for the companies of the future as well as for us all to live good lives. What could a future in symbiosis look like? How can you collaborate around water, energy and materials? What is already being done today? These are some of the questions that Emma Dalväg will share her insights on during our hangout on March 28.

Emma is one of the authors of the book Symbiosis. She is also a partner, investor and advisor at Coest.  Emma will share inspiring examples of how industrial symbiosis and circular economy can be an important piece of the puzzle for co-creating a regenerative future. After her talk, Emma will also be having a dialogue together with our CEO Eva Karlsson.

Mars 28 at 6:00 - 7:00 pm

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