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  • A new palette

    Colors have personality and they behave differently in different contexts. The key to a great color palette is finding shades that bring out the best in each other.

  • The Houdini Menu

    What happens to our clothes when they are worn out? At Houdini we have recycled garments for years, but with the Houdini Menu project we decided to eat them. Watch a spectacular experiment in circular design.

  • Natural Materials

    When thinking about agriculture, most of us will think about food. But clothing made from natural fibers such as wool and tencel, is in fact just as much an agricultural product as the veggies on your plate - just in a different form. So we got curious: Could we turn our worn-out garments into a delicious meal? Turns out, the answer is yes.

  • Layer up in spring news

    By choosing the right combination of layers to suit your needs you’ll be able to pack less, perform better and go further.

  • The Odd Band

    The Odd Band is a web series about people in our community that look at the world from a slightly different angle. In the third episode we meet ski maker and industrial designer Endre Hals.

  • Welcome to our home

    Welcome to a climbing story set in our backyard. We called some friends, loaded our crash pads on kayaks and headed out to explore the Stockholm archipelago, our own local wilderness. See the story and explore our favorite product picks for summer adventures.

  • Welcome to our home

    Welcome to a local adventure set in the Stockholm archipelago, our closest wilderness. We called some friends and loaded our crash pads on kayaks to both explore land and sea. See the story and explore our favorite product picks for summer adventures.

  • Kids Rainbow Collection

    Explore our new limited edition kids collection made in leftover fabrics from our regular collection. Functional and unique!

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