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Spring/Summer 2023

  • Spring / Summer 2023

Houdini Repair

Products that last long. That is the core of the Houdini design philosophy. If your Houdini garment breaks we will help you mend it. It’s not only a great service to our planet but we also dare to say that the satisfaction of repairing a favorite garment beats the feeling of buying a new one. Contact us at and we will help you find the best solution for you.

Houdini Hangouts

Ski touring workshop with Carl Lundberg

Did you miss our much appreciated ski touring workshop with experienced mountain guide and Houdini friend Carl Lundberg?

Watch it here! 

A wool layering system

The New Naturals

A love affair between nature and technology





The Storyteller

Power Houdi

Used 100 times more than the average garment.

Stop Counting. Start Feeling.

Pace Trail Running

When we designed Pace, we stopped counting grams and focused on what really counts.

  • Men's Pants

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