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M's Power Houdi

2 400 SEK

Smooth, warm and stretchy fleece jacket with over 20 years on the market. Exceptional performance and durability, made with Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™.

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  • Sustainable design
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Fabric technology

For Fleece Connoisseurs Only

The technology that makes this possible is called Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ and is one of the finest technical mid-layer fabrics in the world. It’s not only incredibly strong. The material has a wonderful stretch, retains its shape over time and will keep you warm for many years to come. Together with Polartec®, we have spent over 20 years developing this garment. Now it’s your job to enjoy it!

The world today is drowning in cheap, disposable clothes. A Power Houdi is used on average 1287 times over 10.2 years. Imagine the impact if we used and designed all clothes this way!

Jesper Danielsson

Head of Design

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