• Shop our range of durable jackets for men & women online Made for running, hiking or skiing. 
Maximum performance, minimal impact.

    Whether you are running, skiing, climbing or strolling in town, it is important to find the jacket that serves the purpose. Find the right jacket for your activity. Sometimes a light wind jacket will do the job and at other times you want a warmer thicker jacket. Explore our jackets for the season here.

  • Shop our line of sweaters and hoodies online. Functional, sustainable and warm sweaters, fleece jackets and hoodies for the outdoors. Buy @HoudiniSportswear
    Sweaters & Hoodies

    Our technical mid-layers are not only designed for many years of hard use. They also happen to be the most comfortable thing you can wear. Explore our line of sweaters, hoodies and casual mid-layers and choose between soft merino wool and technical fleece to find your style. 

  • Shop our line of eco-friendly long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts and tops for training, running and climbing. Available in synthetic materials, merino wool and tencel.
    Shirts & Tops

    Less is more. Our minimalistic shirts, tops and t-shirts are designed with versatile functionality and timeless aesthetics in mind. Quick dry for active days or merino wool as cosy baselayer, you decide.

  • Shop Pants for skiers, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. Durable shell pants, softshell pants and climbing pants from Houdini Sportswear. Maximum performance, minimal impact on the environment.

    Light, tough and technical. Our pants are designed to give you the highest level of comfort and last for many years. Use them for outdoor activities or as functional pants in your everyday life. Explore out range of pants for hiking, skiing, climbing or casual wear.  

  • Explore our range of lightweight and durable shorts. We have various styles perfect for running, swimming, hiking or casual use. Buy online at

    We like to constantly stay active and that's why we design our shorts for maximal versatility in light, durable and long-lasting fabrics. Wear them on a climb or take a hike. Regardless they will become your trusted companion.

  • Explore our range of sports dresses and skirts, perfect for nice hikes or active days on the tennis court. Buy online at Houdini Sportswear
    Skirts & Dresses

    A Houdini skirt or dress is never made only to look good. Our performance fabrics allow you to use your garment in action. Explore our range of sports dresses and skirts, and if you have not yet discovered our unisex insulated sleepwalker skirt for colder days or the windproof Square we recommend a look.

  • Shop our line of thermal base layers; Long Johns and Crews in Synthetic or Merino wool. Sustainable materials that will keep you warm and dry no matter what.
    Base layers

    The right base is essential to stay comfortable on any adventure. Our base layers are light, soft and cut for maximum freedom of movement. Explore our range of 100% merino wool long johns, quick dry synthetic tops and insulation shorts for extra warmth on a run or underneath your shell pants.

  • Underwear that allows for movement and heat control during your activity. Merino wool or synthetics ... When it comes to your privates, we have you covered.

    Don't underestimate the power of functional underwear. Whether you're skiing, hiking, running or biking you will feel the difference. Our range of underwear allows for movement and heat control during your activity. When it comes to your privates, we have you covered.

  • Top up with our accessories. Belts, gloves, knee and ankle warmers to cover your extremities, so you can hit all ends of the earth, in comfort and style.

    The smallest garments can sometimes make the biggest difference. Our accessories are light, tough and designed for maximal versatility. Belts, gloves, knee and ankle warmers to cover your extremities, so you can hit all ends of the earth, in comfort and style.

  • Buy sustainable outdoor clothes for kids. Fleece Jackets, Long johns and pants to tag along on our adventures. Find online at

    The kids should have the same quality in clothing like adults. Have a look at our kid's collection of fleece jackets, long johns and base layers. Every piece is designed for children to play hard, have fun and push boundaries, just the way the Houdini-style is. 

  • Reduce microplastics when washing with Guppyfriend and reactivate the water repellency in your rain jacket with eco-friendly OrganoTex spray-on. Shop online at
    Care Products

    Your favorite garments can become lifelong companions if you show them a bit of love and take good care of them. Help to reduce micro plastics when washing with guppy friend and reactivate the water repellency of your rain jacket with an eco-friendly spray-on.

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