We are a progressive outdoor company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with an odd band of scientists, artists, designers and adventurers, we are pushing the boundaries of how outdoor clothing is made. Together with our customers, we are recycling, renting, repairing and reusing our way to a new, sustainable outdoor industry.

  • Houdini Repair

    If your Houdini garment breaks, we will help you repair it. Discover the joy of saving your favorite garments, and reducing their environmental impact.

  • Houdini Hangouts

    Houdini Hangouts once again going live!

  • Houdini Circle

    In September 2023, we opened our first Houdini Circle, a first-of-its-kind store concept based on circular business models. It is a new way to access Houdini gear, an explorative business initiative and a very friendly and nice place to visit.

  • Houdini Reuse

    With Houdini Reuse, we have created a marketplace for used Houdini garments: In stores and online. Find unique, top condition Houdini garments or give your old garments new life by passing them forward to a new owner. No clothes deserve to be abandoned.

  • The Houdini Manifesto

    Our manifesto is our promise for the future. It's a set of thoughts that guide us in our daily work and in every decision we make.

  • Progress and innovation

    We are constantly exploring the possibilities to make things smarter, better, more beautiful and more sustainable. Here are the most important innovations and events since the start.

  • Our Swedish heritage

    The Swedish history of outdoor life is long and well ingrained in our culture. We call it friluftsliv, a word that describes the concept of getting outdoors but also summarises our passion for nature. It is the heart of our heritage.

  • The history of Houdini

    We have a chat with Houdini’s founder Lotta Giornofelice about the early years, why she started Houdini and how the company came to carry the name Houdini.

  • Friends on an adventure during a windy day wearing windproof and warm garments from Houdini Sportswear
    Houdini Media Clippings

    We actively try to reach out with our mission and create ripples outside our own industry. Read and listen to a selection of articles and podcasts featuring Houdini.

  • Awards and recognition

    Our products and way of business have received plenty of recognition over the years. See the awards and motivations here.

  • Join the community

    Follow us and join the fight for a better outdoor industry. Here you find the best ways to get in touch with the Houdini universe.

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