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Rollercoaster series - Kazumasa "Junior" Yamada

A snow surfing life

We doubt there's a Houdini shell that has seen as much bottomless pow as the Rollercoaster set that belongs to snow surfer Kazumasa "Junior" Yamada. Want to learn how to surf the mountain? Have a peek in the life of Junior himself in this short film by legendary filmmaker Neil Hartmann, shot on the island of Hokkaido in Japan.

I wanted to live closer to the mountains. I wanted to live in a quieter environment. I wanted to live in a place with better snow and mountains, where I could cultivate the fields to grow vegetables and be as self-sufficient as possible.

Junior on why he left the city and moved to Furano

Heelside turn.jpg

Junior works his way down the nooks of crannies of the mountain with utmost respect of his surroundings, embracing the true spirit of snow surfing. The Furano basin on Hokkaido is home to some of the most legendary snow falls on earth. 

As long as my body is healthy, I want to continue my activities and lifestyle. To do that, I have to do yoga every day and be careful about food. I wish to be a snow surfer for the rest of my life.

Kazumasa "Junior" Yamada


En route to downward facing dog. Warming up the body and mind before strapping in is key to a smooth ride down.  

Prepping for the mountain

To be able to harvest those deep powder days - a good routine is key. In Junior’s house, yoga mats and cast iron pots share the simply designed space with his backpacks and avalanche kits. Versatility is key in Junior’s life: The garments he wears at home keep him warm during his morning yoga routine as well as during his session on the mountain later in the day. 

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Playing in nature gives me joy and a feeling of freedom. It makes me grow as a human being. That's what snowboarding and surfing do for me.

Kazumasa "Junior" Yamada


A huge thank you to Junior and Neil for being so kind to let us share their work. Want more snow surfing? Might we suggest you check out their own channels: 

Neil Hartmann Instagram, Facebook & Youtube

Kazumasa Yamada Instagram 

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