How we want to change the world

We have come far in the transformation we envision but as a company we believe we can move beyond zero and become a positive and regenerative force in society and for the planet. It’s our obligation, or we have no business running a business at all.

Since the early nineties when Houdini started to evolve from a hidden secret in the climbing community into a company, responsible business has been our way. With the passion, determination, planning and execution of mountaineers, we took on the challenge of designing our business to become a force for good. Never compromising. Always smiling (almost).

Our purpose and vision is about inspiring and enabling mankind to reconnect to nature, to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle in partnership with nature, to evolve as individuals and form a prosperous society on a thriving planet, for us and future generations. This is why we work hard to provide state-of-the-art products and services designed for the great outdoors. This is why we innovate and develop technologies that work with nature rather than at the expense of it. This is why we connect and build our community together with conscious, active and engaged people like ourselves worldwide.

We intend to go 100% circular with nature as the blueprint for our circular principles.


Åre store manager Marie Karlsson, a true one-of-a-kind person that lives the Houdini brand to the fullest. 

Co-creating our roadmap

At the end of 2016 we finalized a roadmap for our journey ahead. The final details to the plan, including some big, hairy and audacious goals, were co-created by the Houdini team and a selected few inspiring dreamers, thought-leaders and change-makers in the beautiful nature reserve Nordmarka, just outside Oslo in our neighboring country Norway. Norway is where a group of Norwegian mountaineers and philosophers, among them Nils Faarlund and Arne Naess, had written the Stetind Declaration fifty years earlier, in 1966. Read about it here. It brilliantly manifesting the need for a deeper and more harmonious relationship between place, self, community and the natural world and the urgency for society to change course. Here we were, fifty years later, contemplating on the state of the planet and the prevailing lack of willpower, guts and action to change course, while realizing the untapped potential, vast opportunities and abundant value the transition would make possible. We left Nordmarka with a bold plan and a promise to ourselves that will keep us busy the next few years.

We left Nordmarka with a bold plan and a promise to ourselves that will keep us busy the next few years.


One promise for the future is that we will never stop having fun! Here, copywriter Axel making the most of a powder tumble. 

Roadmap towards 2066 and beyond

We choose to see the natural resources we use as resources borrowed from the planet and Houdini as the custodian of these, responsible for handing them back to the planet and future generations in good shape. Therefore we intend to go 100% circular with nature as the blueprint for our circular principles. 

By 2022

Houdini’s entire offering of products and services is circular by design.

  • All products are made from recycled and recyclable or renewable and naturally biodegradable fibers.
  • The work to integrate regenerative materials such as waste from land, ocean or air turned into resource has been initiated.
  • There is full traceability and transparency in our value chains.

Houdini is setting the example, collaborating with peers and initiating a movement to reconnect to nature.

  • Houdini Hangouts guide, educate and inspire people worldwide to reconnect to nature through ”friluftsliv”, a consious outdoor lifestyle
  • Houdini Open Source is initiated as a platform for sharing knowledge on sustainable methodologies, technologies and solutions worldwide.
  • Collaborations to explore and develop attractive and regenerative lifestyle solutions is initiated. 

By 2030

Houdini’s entire eco system, throughout value chains and user phases, is designed for circularity, enabling circular flows of materials, products and knowledge.

  • Natural resources taken from the earth’s crust have been replaced by recycled or renewables. 
  • All waste streams, including micro plastic pollution, have been transformed into resource flows.
  • At least 20% of textile fibers used are regenerative alternatively waste from land, ocean or air turned into resource.
  • Material resources for trimmings, dying, process chemicals and treatments have shifted to circular and/or sustainable renewables.
  • 100% of energy used throughout value chains for production and recycling have been shifted to sustainable renewables.
  • The Houdini eco system in its entirety is net neutral on its way to become regenerative. 

Houdini is accelerating the growth of sustainable alternatives and scaling the movement to reconnect to nature, through hangouts, open source strategies and collaborations.

  • Houdini’s Open Source strategy results in accelerated scaling of sustainable methodologies, technologies and solutions worldwide. 
  • Collaborations to enable attractive and regenerative lifestyle solutions have developed into an integral part of Houdini’s business model and scaled.
  • Reconnect to nature has grown into a strong and uniting movement, with various collaborations cultivating and strengthening the movement further and towards a positive tipping point in society. 

By 2066

Houdini celebrates The Stetind Declaration’s 100 year anniversary and the 50 year anniversary of Houdini’s Roadmap towards 2066 and beyond. Decoupled from today’s unsustainable societal system, Houdini together with likeminded, have cultivated a new societal system where nature, society, economy and technology work in harmony and life is flourishing.

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