Closeup on hiker wearing Houdini Daybreaker Blue Illusion in women's sizes


Daybreak series

Freedom grows with reduction. Instead of designing one garment for every activity, we create versatile multi tools that work for just about anything. The products in our versatile Daybreak range are quick-drying, block out most wind and are highly breathable. We use them for everything - from kayaking and bike commuting to trekking and climbing.

W's Daybreak Shorts

Versatile shorts in a light, stretchy and durable ripstop fabric. Perfect for climbing, hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity.

$ 130.00

Daybreak is the Swiss army knife of your wardrobe

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Daybreak garments provide the perfect combination between air permeability and wind resistance.

Four friends on a windy adventure staying warm in houdis and jackets from Houdini Sportswear

Certified by Bluesign®

A sustainable choice

Bluesign is a third party certification that combines consumer safety, air and water emissions, the use of chemicals and human rights. When garments are Bluesign-certified, you can be sure they don’t contain any components that are harmful to people or the environment.

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