The Storyteller

Our iconic fleece jacket Power Houdi has been around for almost 20 years. It has seen countless adventures and everyday moments.


Imagine the stories it could tell.

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“I used to live in the house. Now I live in the garage.”

This Power Houdi belongs to artist Per Öhrås. The color stains and welding burns have disqualified it from recreational use but it keeps Per warm every day in the workshop. 


“I think she hates me.”

This Power Houdi belongs to climber Stella Plantin. It has spent the last seven years being thrown off cliffs, scraped against granite boulders and occasionally burned by campfire sparks.



A timeless classic

The Power Houdi

Did you know that the average garment is used only 10 times before it is discarded? Our Power Houdi is worn 100 times more. What stories will your Houdi tell?

“See the world and then be shredded. That’s the plan.”

This Mono Air Houdi lives on a little wooden sailboat outside Stockholm and its long journey is just getting started.

“I love getting old.”

This Power Houdi has seen over 10 years of adventures and almost as many owners.  Some say it’s just getting started.

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