Live Large With Less


Meet Jens and Peter at Surfakademin and explore their Live Large With Less wardrobe.

The two friends Jens and Peter left their jobs and started Surfakademin, offering a combination of surf camps and clinics to everyone who wants to learn how to surf. After almost 20 years of arranging surf classes, they are still eager to share their passion for surfing. To them, it is really not about being the best surfer on the lineup or to catch the biggest waves, but more about the simple joy of surfing. Together with the longing of discovering new places and the curiosity of what tomorrow will bring, the joy of making the most of each moment has guided them through many journeys over the years.


As a surfer, you never know exactly what you will get. Long days in the water, or long days out of it. No wind or way too much. What was planned to be a day catching waves might as well turn out to be a calm day of yoga and meditation, exploring your surroundings by foot or just hanging out with your friends, sharing stories while waiting for the sauna to get warm. This lifestyle, often living from a suitcase, demands a summer wardrobe where fewer garments can serve many needs: Wearable multitool as we like to call it at Houdini.

Live Large With Less curated by Surfakademin

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