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Meet Morten and Mathilda at Bergsfjord Lodge and explore their Live Large With Less wardrobe.

Morten has been sailing all his life. He is also a passionate skier. He used to spend five months each winter sailing the coastline of Northern Norway in search for beautiful ski descents.

With the limited space offered on his 32 foot sailing boat, he soon developed a natural skill for downsizing his everyday equipment. At the same time, he was living his life to the fullest.  


Due to a sudden engine failure, Morten had to anchor his boat in the isolated village of Bergsfjord. What initially felt as a disrupting limitation of his ski season, soon opened up exciting possibilities as he made new friends and discovered the mountains surrounding the small village. Eventually, he bought a house and decided to stay. Today he is operating Bergsfjord Lodge together with his partner Mathilda, where they give their winter guests ski touring experiences out of the ordinary. 

This summer Morten & Mathilda will enjoy the off-season without ski boots on their feet, taking it easy after a long winter. Traveling light and spending the day as it comes. 

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