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Meet Kornelia and Robin at A Remarkable Ride and explore their Live Large With Less wardrobe.


From the beginning, Kornelia and Robin were not dedicated bike enthusiasts. They were looking for a way to get more out of their days of backpacking in Asia, and just happened to stumble upon two bikes at a flea market. It turned out to be exactly what they had been looking for.


Without having to be dependent on trains and buses to take them from one destination to the other, the bikes gave them the freedom to go wherever they wanted and at whatever pace they felt like. Slowing down became a way of experiencing more. Instead of rushing towards that next destination, they could now fully enjoy those beautiful areas that previously had passed by outside the train window.

After that journey, they kept on biking. They packed a tent, sleeping gear, kitchen and clothing, and started discovering new areas. The countryside just outside their home as well as places they never heard of. Today, they keep enjoying the simple life lived on the road. Packing small and living large.

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