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Dec 11, 2017

Houdini opens store in Oslo

We continue to break new ground as we open our first store outside of Sweden, in Oslo, December 2017.


The new signature store marks the launch of a new retail brand concept for Houdini and the world; the Houdini Hub. The new Houdini environment is conceptualized, designed and developed in close collaboration with the world-renowned architecture and design firm Snøhetta.

– We want to transform the way consumption is viewed. We want the access to a product to be what matters, not necessarily the ownership, says Josef Nyström from Houdini Sportswear in Norway.


In the hub, we will offer sustainable product care – an additional way for us to support our customers and the environment. All Houdini Hubs also offer the so called “Houdini Hangouts”, where the hub functions as a common area for different activities – yoga, mountain climbing, canoeing or just a simple hike in the forest. The purpose of the Houdini Hangouts is to get more people to be able to easily get closer to nature.

We continuously strive to combine leading designs and exceptional performance for outdoor sportswear with sustainability and innovation within the textile industry. As in Sweden, the Oslo Houdini hub will show our full range of technical and sustainable garments, as well as to communicate and offer our Re-projects; Rental, Reuse, Repair and Recycle.


We want to transform the way consumption is viewed. We want the access to a product to be what matters, not necessarily the ownership

The 70 m2 hub takes its inspiration from nature – an approach that lies in the DNA of all what Houdini offers and strives to be. The physical space is shaped utilizing the geometric form and patterns of the hexagon. The interior is characterized by lite pine wood elements of various sizes and dimensions. Modular furniture creates a dynamic and calm sensation in a backdrop of the rough cement walls.

“With more than ten year’s presence in the Norwegian market, opening the first signature hub in Oslo was a natural choice and we wanted to make sure it will be an including experience for our users. We’ve always admired Snøhetta’s work and only an architect with a shared passion for innovation could help us create such an overhaul of the consumer experience”, Josef Nyström says.

The store opened December 6th on Hegdehaugsveien 34, Oslo.

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