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Fabric and technologies sourcing at Houdini is based on a highly selective partnership strategy, with long-term relations with world leading fabrics and technologies supplier partners and manufacturers.

Fabrics are sourced mainly from Japan, Taiwan and Italy. This enables Houdini to provide the highest quality and best practice while also maintaining the highest environmental, social and ethical standards. Equally important, the partnership strategy results in improved trust and transparency, making analysis of current practices possible, improvement plans easier to implement and innovation projects comfortable to invest in.


We buy fabrics mainly from Japan, Taiwan and Italy. The image is from Reda in Northern Italy, one of our wool vendors.

Our value chain is global and the number of supplier partners very few. Most of them produce their fabrics in developed countries where high social standards are regulated by law, legal requirements environmentally are strict and federal control functions are in place.

Mainly European manufacturing

Manufacturing at Houdini mainly takes place at selected and specialized European manufacturing partners in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. This manufacturing network close to our global distribution center in Sweden (which could be considered “local” in a textile supply chain perspective) enables us to have a lean set-up with tight collaboration and an efficient way of working, meeting and shipping. In addition EU social and environmental standards apply, legal requirements and government control functions are in place, meaning our sustainability efforts are at a high level even at baseline.

Garment and fabric origin F23_final.jpg

We always strive for full transparency. Here you can see garment and fabric origin from the Fall and Winter 2023 collection.

Manufacturing at Houdini mainly takes place at selected and specialized European manufacturing partners.

Local manufacturing has multiple benefits and we see great potential in developing our local value chain further. On the other hand Houdini has the ambition to export its high social standards and practices to manufacturers elsewhere in the world, as we then would be able to push boundaries, especially social and ethical boundaries, further and on a global scale.


Detail from a kniting machine at Polartec, one of our oldest and closest material partners.

Our producers 

  • Spectre, Lettland, www.spectre.dk
  • Spectre, Vietnam, www.spectre.dk
  • LTP, Litauen, www.l-t-p.com
  • Ursuit, Estland, https://www.ursuit.ee
  • Marbäck, Sverige, www.marbacktricot.se
  • Thermo, Polen
  • Nurme, Estland, www.nurmeproduction.ee
  • J Caetano, Portugal, www.jcaetano.net
  • Sätila, Sverige, www.satila.com
  • Olmac, Portugal, www.olmac.pt/en
  • Utenos trikotažas, Litauen, www.ut.lt
  • Wai Wah Ski-Wear Factory Ltd China

Our fabric suppliers 

  • Teijin, Japan, www2.teijin-frontier.com/english
  • Polartec, USA, www.polartec.com
  • Pontetorto, Italien, www.pontetorto.it/en
  • Laka, Taiwan, www.lakatex.com
  • Eurojersey, www.sensitivefabrics.it
  • Primaloft, USA, www.primaloft.com
  • Raco, Taiwan, www.racotextile.com/indexa.htm
  • Marbäck, Sverige, www.marbacktricot.se
  • ChiaHer, Taiwan, www.chgtex.com/en/index.aspx
  • Long advance, Taiwan, www.longadv.com.tw/
  • Mitsui Pertex, Japan, https://pertex.com/
  • Nanshan, China, www.nanshanchina.com
  • REDA, Italy, www.reda1865.com/row/fabrics
  • Schoeller, Switzerland, www.schoeller-textiles.com
  • Toyota, Japan, www.t-gelanots.com
  • Tsubasa, Taiwan, tsubasa-group.com/fabric/
  • Utenos trikotažas, Litauen, www.ut.lt

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