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First Fall Arrivals

Discover the first news of the Fall & Winter 2022 collection.

Popular products

Versatility at its best

Enfold Jacket

Enfold Jacket is the ultimate combination of timeless style and top of the line performance. It’s a light, warm and airy mid-layer with exceptional comfort and breathability.

Nachhaltigkeit design

  • Nachhaltigkeit

    PFAS - Getting rid of forever chemicals

    Since 2018 all new Houdini garments are free from PFAS. But what are PFAS?

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable fabrics: 100%

    83% of our Fall & Winter collection 2022 is completely circular and this number is growing quickly.

  • Design philosophy

    Designer’s checklist

    We design every product with the intention of it making a difference for the end user and for the world, from a short- as well as long-term perspective.

The Storyteller

Power Houdi

Used 100 times more than the average garment. Imagine the stories it could tell.

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