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Houdini Media Clippings

We actively try to reach out with our mission and create ripples outside our own industry. Read and listen to a selection of articles and podcasts featuring Houdini.


Eva Karlsson im VOUGE-Interview

Techunter 07 digital issueTechunter 07 digital issue

We Dont Have Time: “How could we be proud of profits made at the expense of people and planet?”

ISPO: Corporate responsibility at Houdini: The journey of our lifetime

Barrons: Good Company: Houdini Sportswear’s Drive Toward Sustainable Innovation

Adventure Journal: Houdini Sportswear Has a Blueprint for Escaping the Gear Pollution Treadmill

Climate and capital media: Swedish outdoor wear maker Houdini aims to make its product line 100% circular by 2022. CEO Eva Karlsson tells us how.

Forbes: Houdini Encourages Businesses To Have A Positive Impact On The Planet



The Freetrail podcast: Making Sustainable Trail Running Apparel

Outdoor Minimalist: Can a company be 100 circular?

Change Leaders podcast: Eva Karsson, CEO Houdini - What is a regenerative business model? 

The Decade podcast: A Holistic approach to business with Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini Sportswear

Spuzziness: Outdoor Business Eva Karlsson (Houdini): What can we actually do differently right now?

Inner Green Deal: What leadership qualities are needed now? Part 1

Inner green deal: What leadership qualities are needed now? Part 2

SDG #12: Circular Business Models with Outdoors Sportswear Brand Houdini with Eva Karlsson

UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub Pavillon @COP26 Enablers for a 1.5 degree future

Half-Earth Day 2021: Companies and Investors for a Half-Earth Future

We Dont Have Time: Circularity and the race to zero

Zalando’s Inside Fashion podcast

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