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Sail & Science Lofoten, a week of epic sailing and climate science!

July 14 -  20

Hop on the magnificent 75-foot scooner Abel Tasman for a week of magical adventures and enriching experiences along the amazingly beautiful and unfortunately threatened Arctic coastline of Lofoten. Expect a combination of awe-inspiring scenery, breathtaking hikes and remote beaches with the latest in science related to the environmental challenges we face, and the solutions we can scale in order to move forward to nature.

Brothers and crew Isak and Alex study Climate scinece and Oceanogrophy in Norway and know the place like the back of their hands. They will plan the activities for the week depending on weather and share their knowledge of off-shore sailing as well as earth system science. Onboard Abel Tasman, everyone is welcome to take part, navigating and trimming the sails of the 27.5 meters tall rig. Powered by nature and despite a weight of 50 tons, she will do 15 knots in good conditions.

A memorable, fun and insightful experience for all nature lovers, and suitable no matter if you are an avid sailor or at sea for the first time!

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Price: €1900

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