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M's Outright Houdi

$ 230.00

Light, hooded fleece jacket. Smooth, comfortable and very durable. A long time Houdini classic that works perfectly all year around.

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Rock Black
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A sustainable choice

Certified by Bluesign®

Bluesign® is a third party certification that combines consumer safety, air and water emissions, the use of chemicals and human rights. You can be sure that this garment does not contain any components that are harmful to people or the environment.

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  • Circular
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Available Sizes Bucket Blue:





M's BFF Jacket

Waterproof and breathable four season shell jacket for any activity. The fabric is smooth, light, stretchy and silent. Recycled, recyclable and fluorocarbon free.

$ 400.00


  • Circular
  • Recyclable
  • Renewable
  • Biodegradable

Available Sizes Last Round Red:


M's Activist Kingpin Tee

Light and soft polo shirt in all natural merino wool and Tencel blend. Perfect for the everyday activist.

$ 120.00

$ 72.00


  • Recyclable
  • Bluesign

Available Sizes Pressure Pink:



Toasty Top Hat Heather

Fleece hat for any adventure all year around. Warm, stretchy and moisture wicking in Polartec Power Dry. Perfect for skiing, biking or running.

$ 40.00

$ 16.00

  • Recyclable

Available Sizes Blue Illusion:






M's Commitment Chinos

Light, stretchy and quick drying chinos in recycled and recyclable polyester. Timeless look in technical fabric.

$ 160.00

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