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Dunfri Jacket - 100% Circular

Keeping you warm and the planet cool since 2008: Our Dunfri Jacket has been a Houdini classic worn and loved by many since its first introduction over 10 years ago.

  • Circular
  • Recycled
  • Recyclable
  • Bluesign
Mrs Dunfri

Classic Houdini insulation jacket. Light, warm and highly packable. Wind and water resistant. Circular design.

  • Circular
  • Recycled
  • Recyclable
  • Bluesign
Mr Dunfri

Iconic Houdini insulation garment padded with synthetic Primaloft Gold Eco. Light, warm and highly packable. Wind and water resistant.

Meet Dunfri - Yes, that’s Swedish for down-free

Over ten years ago, we decided to challenge not only the ethics of down jackets, but also their performance. We combined the fully recyclable, synthetic padding from Primaloft with a durable and wind-resistant outer fabric made of 100% recycled and recyclable polyester. The result is a fully circular and highly technical jacket that keeps you warm and dry - and the birds in the sky.


Padded with Primaloft 

Our Dunfri jacket is padded with Primaloft Gold Eco™. Warm, lightweight and water resistant, this padding doesn’t only beat down in terms of performance - it’s actually a lot better for the environment too: Not a single feather was used in the production process and the padding is also fully recyclable. In combination with the recycled and recyclable outer fabric Spinner Ripstop, Dunfri was one of the first circular products we made long before anyone believed the hype.

Not a single feather was used in the production process and the padding is also fully recyclable.

A packable jacket: Always prepared for the unpredictable

Keeping warm was never easier: Our Dunfri Jacket packs into its own pocket, allowing you to bring your own personal emergency warm-up-kit everywhere you go. No matter whether you’re up the mountain or down in the city, Dunfri has your back - and your neck: Packed up, the jacket makes an excellent pillow during your camping trip too.


Dunfri is my most trusted companion when climbing or ski touring. Even after extensive use and three repairs it will be with me many years to come.

David Kvart, Filmmaker, skier, climber


Designed to last a lifetime

An important part of sustainable design is designing products that last. We do our part and we hope you’ll do yours by taking good care of your new companions. Should they be in need of some extra love that you cannot provide, then we are here to help you out: Our repair centre is ready to provide any garment care your Dunfri may need, most often completely free of charge. When you’re Dunfri is completely worn out, we kindly ask you to return to us so it can be recycled into new garments for new adventures.

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