Jan 14, 2017

Winner of 2017 H&M & Elle Conscious Award

We are very happy to announce that we had the great honour to receive the H&M & Elle Conscious Award 2017.


The award celebrates an actor in the fashion industry that in some way works distinguishing with sustainability. It is an award that for us is a receipt that all work that we do and believe in makes a difference in the industry, and that we get rewarded as innovators in the area make us very proud.

Sustainability is at the core of everything the company does and produces. A constant production cycle for a sustainable lifestyle.

The motivation read: as a pioneer within sustainability, the company keeps moving the limits forward with their high level of ambition, both challenging and inspiring the rest of us. Sustainability is at the core of everything that the company does and produces - from the design and the carefully selected materials, to the commitment in prolonging the lifetime of clothing, as well as recycling their own clothing materials in order to create new garments. A constant production cycle for a sustainable lifestyle!

Our sustainability work 

It is in our DNA to work for sustainability, we love the nature and want to contribute with the clothes so that more people can experience that feeling, all without stealing resources from the earth. On top of that, everything we do is transparent to help other producing companies to choose the right way without have to do all the investigating work we have already done.

– To us, the award is a recognition that the awareness regarding our environment and social responsibility has increased. We have worked with these questions for many years and we hope that the recognition now will spread widely. An award like this is important and positive since the fashion industry affects both the lifestyle of us all and the way we consume products, and it is absolutely necessary as the textile industry is one of the worst industries for the environment, Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini Sportswear comments.

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