Product Lifetime Warranty

Our design philosophy is about providing you with products that last. Products that, by their quality, style and functionality, simply don’t need to be replaced.

This is why we offer a product lifetime warranty. Every part of a Houdini product is designed to last its entire lifetime. Should any part fail at an earlier stage, we will repair or replace it. If you happen to damage a Houdini product, we are happy to provide the same repair service at a reasonable price.

The idea is to extend product lifetime in every way possible and to make sure your Houdini companion travels with you for as long as possible. Once your product eventually wears out, please remember to hand it in so that we can recycle it into another great Houdini product!

What is covered by the warranty?

If a component breaks before its expected lifetime or the material does meet our quality standard, this is covered by the warranty. Common examples can be a button or a zipper that breaks or a seam that opens before the garment is worn out overall. If this happens, we will help to repair it for free or send you components so you can fix the garment yourself. Send an email to our repair center

What is not covered by the warranty?

Wear caused by normal use of the garments, we see as something beautiful and not a matter that is covered by the warranty. A few examples:

  • Wear that is caused by long use, like worn fabric at sleeve endings, elbows or seams where the thread is worn down.
  • Zippers that are tougher to close after long use.
  • Pilling caused by external force beyond the normal, for example by backpacks or velcro.
  • Damage that is caused by incorrect laundry methods or garment care. See our care guide.
  • Tears or other damage caused by external force. We are happy to help you repair these damages at a reasonable price. Read more about our repair services here.

Do you need help with a repair?

We will of course help you with repairs for Houdini garments even when it is not covered by the warranty. We can guarantee that it’s done with high craftsmanship and at a reasonable price. Send an email to our repair center

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