Sep 28, 2023

Houdini Circle opens in Stockholm

Welcome to our first circular Houdini hub, where any garment you see can be bought new, rented or subscribed to.

Rent, reuse, repair, buy, try or subscribe: The choice is yours in our newly opened Houdini Circle hub. Merging our existing repair, rental and remake services, we’re now opening the world’s first circular store where you can decide exactly how you’d like to have access to your Houdini gear.  You can buy, rent or subscribe to everything you see in store, from new to second-hand garments and repaired and reworked pieces. 

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Find Houdini Circle on Norrlandsgatan 12, Stockholm. 

At Houdini, we're firm believers of living large with less. With Houdini Circle, we want to enable you to do just that: Have access to the garments you need, when you need them. Will you use it every day? Then buying the garment makes sense. Will you use it intensely for 1 week per year? Are you not sure whether it will work for what you have in mind? Then maybe renting the garment could be a better solution. And do you want to mix it up depending on the changing seasons? Then maybe having a Houdini Circle subscription is perfect for you: Pay a fee per month and swap out garments in store whenever you like. Naturally, our long-existing repair and recycling services are part of the offering in the Circle  too.

Challenging traditional consumption patterns, Houdini Circle is about putting your needs first, while at the same time offering a more sustainable alternative to the linear business models that still prevail when it comes to consumer goods. It's not just a smarter way to access your favorite outdoor gear. It is something we create together, and together we can care for resources, give more people access to the experiences that we love and, honestly, redefine the whole idea of consumption. Nice, right?


If we want to truly transform our industry, we need to start offering seriously better alternatives to what’s out there, and make sure these alternatives are accessible to more people

Eva Karlsson, Houdini CEO

“The point of Houdini Circle isn’t to make maximum profits, but maximum value-creation for all stakeholders. That is what our business is about. Sustainability and good business go hand in hand. This initiative is no exception”, says our CEO Eva Karlsson. “So far, most sustainability stories are focused on production, with brands still relying on one particular business model that is portrayed as the silver bullet enable change. If we want to truly transform our industry, we need to start offering seriously better alternatives to what’s out there, and make sure these alternatives are accessible to more people.” Eva continues: “We believe putting our user first is key to doing that. Houdini Circle is an initiative that allows us to offer better service to our users and offering a different way for companies to be profitable.”


The goal with Houdini Circle is to make Houdini’s product more accessible to more people, in line with our values and ethical standards. Starting in Stockholm this fall, we will trial the concept before hopefully expanding it to other markets. A radically different apparel industry is possible, and with Houdini Circle, we’re working on getting us another step closer to it. 

Find Houdini Circle on Norrlandsgatan 12, Stockholm. 

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