Wadi Pants & Shorts

Ultralight Freedom

Spring/Summer 2023

Stop Counting. Start Feeling.

Pace Trail Running

When we designed Pace, we stopped counting grams and focused on what really counts.

Live Large With Less challenge

Live Large With Less with Simon Asp

Top tips from last year’s contestant.

Houdini’s phasing out of PFAS

Reading the disturbing list of negative effects caused by PFAS it is easy to understand that these chemicals must be eliminated. When it comes to performance garments PFAS is often used both in waterproof membranes and in water repellency treatments. The problem is that they are not always so easy to replace. Our journey began in 2012 and since 2018 we have made no new garments that contain PFAS. As nature lovers it simply felt impossible to use such harmful substances to make clothes that are meant to be used to explore and enjoy nature.

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