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The Dirty Truth About Shell Layers

Did you know that most waterproof clothing available today is a hazard to ourselves and the world around us? The clothes are often treated with PFAS, a group of chemicals used for water- and dirt repellency. These chemicals do not break down naturally, are cancerous and have shown negative effects on both reproductive and immune systems for humans and animals.




The Houdini way

Circular and toxic free

All our waterproof outerwear is made from circular performance fabrics which are never treated with PFAS or other harmful chemicals. We started phasing out PFAS in 2012 and since 2018, we don’t use them in any new production. Instead we use Atmos, our PFAS free membrane and a biobased water repellency treatment from Organotex mimicing the lotus flower. All fabrics we use are recycled and recyclable, eliminating the concept of waste.

Clean Performance

Meet BFF

Waterproof and breathable four season shell jacket for any activity. Light, stretchy and silent. Recycled, recyclable and PFAS free.


More PFAS-free hiking garments

W's Pace Wind Jacket

Ultralight and breathable women's wind jacket. The combination of fabrics creates a garment that provides light weather protection but never weighs you down or overheats you. Perfect for running, training or cycling.

€ 190.00

M's Pace Jacket

Highly breathable men's softshell jacket with light insulation for high pace activities in cold weather and high altitudes. Perfect for mountaineering, ski touring or hiking in demanding conditions.

€ 390.00

M's Come Along Jacket

Ultra light minimalistic men's shell that will shelter you from wind or light rain without ever weighing you down

€ 180.00

W's The Orange Jacket

Extremely light and highly packable waterproof women's shell jacket that will keep you sheltered in any blizzard but still takes no more space in your pack than a small orange.

€ 300.00

Educate Yourself

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