Spring & Summer 2022

Spring is here and we have some exciting innovations to share with you. But let’s not forget to give some love to the carry-overs: Fine tuned over the years and simply too good to be replaced. Never trust a brand with too much news, as the saying goes. Anyway, welcome to explore our collection of sort-of-news, not-at-all-news and a few really cool news.


A glimpse of our new Pace Collection: Pace Wind Jacket, Pace Wind Shorts and Adventure Short Tights.

When we designed the Pace Collection, we stopped counting grams and focused on what really counts: The human experience.

Jesper Danielsson, Houdini Head of Design


Stretching and circular sportswear: Both are good for you. Neither generates any waste.

Lightweight running

M's Pace Hybrid Vest

Highly breathable men's hybrid softshell vest for high pace activities in alpine environments. Perfect for running, ski touring, hiking or any other adventure where light warmth and high breathability are essential.

€ 170.00

W's Adventure Short Tights

Light and durable mid-length women’s performance tights, perfect for all types of training. Made in a recycled and recyclable polyester fabric, making the garment fully circular.

€ 90.00

W's Pace Wind Jacket

Ultralight and breathable women's wind jacket. The combination of fabrics creates a garment that provides light weather protection but never weighs you down or overheats you. Perfect for running, training or cycling.

€ 190.00

News are dropping continuously


Our Daybreak garments are the perfect summer multitools. Here: Daybreak Pullover, Daybreak Cap and Daybreak Shorts.


79% of the SS22 collection are made with circular fabrics. Like the W’s Mono Air Houdi and M’s Nomad Parka.

We design minimalist garments with maximal versatility. Freedom grows with reduction.

Jesper Danielsson, Houdini Head of Design


Men’s Wadi Pants, Nomad Parka and Cosmo Shirt. Women’s Wadi Pants, Daybreak Pullover and Daybreak Jacket.

Light and cool summer garments

W's Route Shirt Dress

Shirt dress designed for warm weather. Wear it to the beach, when you go camping or any other summer adventure. Recycled and recyclable.

€ 160.00

W's Wadi Pants

Ultralight, relaxed pants with full freedom of movement and unmatched comfort. Women's Wadi Pants are perfect for outdoor adventures in warm weather. The low weight and great packability makes them an ideal travel companion.

€ 140.00

M's Wadi Shorts

Ultralight shorts with full freedom of movement and unmatched comfort. Men's Wadi Shorts are the perfect all round adventure short for warm weather. They are stowable in their own pocket and make a perfect travel companion.

€ 100.00

M's Tree Tee

Incredibly soft and comfortable t-shirt in Woodland Jersey, a fabric made from 100% wood pulp. The timeless cut and cool, stretchy fabric make Men’s Tree Tee a perfect everyday companion for the active person.

€ 65.00

Clean Technology

Did you know that 100% of the fabrics we use are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign® certified. Most of them are a combination of several.


Clean drinking water from a Swedish mountain stream. By removing all PFAS from our collection in 2018, we do our part in keeping it that way.


W’s Dunfri and M’s Pace Jacket, two garments that can be enjoyed all seasons of the year.

We will fight overconsumption.

Houdini manifesto


Majsan, our Åre store manager and friends are having a well deserved break on a hike in her local wilderness.

Multifunctional hiking garments

W's Mono Air Jacket

Light and strong multifunctional women’s fleece jacket with a high collar and half-zip. The innovative fabric construction prevents microfiber shedding and the material is recycled and recyclable.

€ 220.00

W's BFF Jacket

Waterproof and breathable four season shell jacket for any activity. Light, stretchy and silent. Recycled, recyclable and PFAS-free.

€ 400.00

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