1287 adventures start here


To celebrate its twenty year anniversary we would like to offer you the chance to try the Power Houdi, our classic technical mid-layer jacket. With 1287 average uses over 10.2 years, the Power Houdi is as long lived as it is long loved.


Get your Power Houdi

The power of 1287

A Power Houdi is used on average 1287 times and 10,2 years. Imagine if we used all garments this way?

This garment is good for 1287 camp nights. 1287 frosty morning runs. 1287 powder days. 1287 Sunday picnics. It will be with you for over ten years of living life to the fullest.


Not a bad way to fight overconsumption if you ask us.


20 years earlier

A tiny brand from Sweden set out to make the perfect technical mid-layer.

For fleece connoisseurs only 

The technology that makes this possible is called Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ and is one of the finest technical mid-layer fabrics in the world. It’s not only incredibly strong. The material has a wonderful stretch, retains its shape over time and will keep you warm for many years to come. Together with Polartec®, we have spent over 20 years developing this garment. Now it’s your job to enjoy it!


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