Oct 2, 2018

Eva Karlsson wins Pontus Schultz Award

Houdini's CEO Eva Karlsson wins the 2017 issue of Pontus Schultz award for a more humane economy.


Houdini's CEO Eva Karlsson was together with Karin Bodin, Polarbröd, and Stefan Krook, GoocCause, awarded in the 2017 edition of the prestigious award that is issues in memory of the journalist and inspirer Pontus Schultz.

No one has gone so far in their sustainability work.

The jury's motivation: In a demanding industry where few achieve profitablity, we find no one that has gone so far in their sustainability work as Eva Karlsson - Furthermore with profit and growth as the result. With products in recycled and recyclable polyester, compostable base layers, green stores and shell layer rental, Houdini constantly works to unite function and sustainability. It's also the first company in the world to work towards translating the research on Planetary Boundaries to its own work - An ambitious project that inspire others to follow."

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