Sustainable fabrics: 100%

We did it! 100% of all the fabrics we use this season are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign certified.

Countless development hours, long meetings and hard decisions later, we can say that it really is possible to change the way clothes are produced. This makes us immensely proud. But does that mean we’re done? Far from it. We are going to change the textile industry from the ground up. Clothes are produced, consumed and discarded at an ever-increasing pace. This has to stop. Our main goal is to create real alternatives to linear consumption. A circular system, where long-lasting products can be used, repaired and reused and then finally become new resources.

Cirle diagram_F23.jpg

Above is an illustration of the share of our current collection that is circular and the number increases every season. This is key in our vision of a waste free world, where worn out products can be used for something new.

Clothes are produced, consumed and discarded at an ever increasing pace. This has to stop. Our main goal is to create real alternatives to linear consumption.

85% of our Fall & Winter collection 2023 is completely circular and this number is growing quickly. We offer services within rental, repair and second hand sales that are quickly growing in popularity. We are changing this industry and it’s happening quickly. We promise to never slow down until we reach our goal of a completely sustainable textile industry.


Another very important subject and an area for improvement for the industry as a whole is chemical use. Maybe most pressing is the use of PFAS, a group of chemicals that have dirt and water-repellent properties. These chemicals do not break down naturally, are cancerous and have shown negative effects on both reproductive and immune systems for humans and animals (Source: US EPA). We started phasing out PFAS in 2012 and since 2018, we don’t use them in any new production. We also work with Bluesign® to monitor our chemical use. 

Garment and fabric origin F23_final.jpg

Above is an illustration of where are fabrics are made for our Fall & Winter 2023 collection. Having most of the production in the European Union enables us to have a close dialogue and visit our factories frequently. It also means the absolute majority of our production is under EU law and the working conditions legal framework it implies.

Sustainability status

Download the Sustainability status for Fall & Winter 2023 here.

Planetary Boundaries Assessment

Every three years we release a more thorough report, the Planetary Boundaries Assessment. 
Read the full report from 2018 here (PDF).

The first ever corporate sustainability report based on the planetary boundaries framework.

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