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Spring & Summer 2021

What’s new for Spring & Summer 2021? Well, we have the incredible Desoli Tee, a redesigned pants range and a few more exciting news. But the goal of our innovation work has never been to create the latest news. It is to make products that never get old. We hope you love our Spring 21 news but if you still wear them in Spring 31, then our work is done.

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Lightweight performance in Come Along Jacket and Dynamic Tee. Photos by Erik Nylander shot in the Stockholm archipelago around the corner from the Houdini HQ.

100% of the fabrics we use are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign certified. Often a combination of them. 


Is stretching really this fun? No. But the thought of all the material and resources you save by wearing Light Shorts and Dynamic Tee in recycled polyester is.

Shop lightweight running

M's Come Along Jacket

Ultra light minimalistic men's shell that will shelter you from wind or light rain without ever weighing you down

W's Light Shorts

Light Shorts are designed for running, biking, yoga and other high intensity activities. Also ideal for traveling in warmer climates.

M's Dynamic Tee

Highly functional t-shirt made in ultra light, quick-drying and odor-resistant polyester. Perfect for high-intensity activities like running, biking or training.

W's Airy Jacket

Ultra light and breathable wind jacket. Thanks to our Made to move construction, it feels like nothing when you wear it. Recycled and recyclable.


60% of the garments in our S21 collection are fully circular like the Out And About Shirt, Daybreak Cap and Enfold Jacket.


The durable Daybreak Shorts and the new super soft adventure staple Desoli Tee, made from 100% merino wool.

We believe in minimalist garments with maximal versatility. Freedom grows with reduction.

Jesper Danielsson, Houdini Head of Design


For Spring & Summer 2021, we are updating our pants range with four new garments. Here, the new Omni Pants.

News: Pants and shorts

M's Omni Pants

Light, stretchy and functional pants for everyday use or outdoor adventures. Men's Omni Pants are ideal for climbing, bicycle commuting or any other exercise that require effortless freedom of movement and high durability.

W's Wadi Pants

Ultralight, relaxed pants with full freedom of movement and unmatched comfort. Women's Wadi Pants are perfect for outdoor adventures in warm weather. The low weight and great packability makes them an ideal travel companion.

M's Wadi Shorts

Ultralight shorts with full freedom of movement and unmatched comfort. Men's Wadi Shorts are the perfect all round adventure short for warm weather. They are stowable in their own pocket and make a perfect travel companion.

W's Aerial Pants

Progressive, functional chinos in a minimalist execution. The Flux Weave is an airy, open fabric that allows your body to breathe, making Women's Aerial Pants a very comfortable option both for everyday use and outdoor adventures.

Do more with less

Embrace the seasons

We design our garments for maximal versatility and four-season-use. A wool tee becomes a base layer in winter and the jacket you bought for a summer hike will work just as well for rainy bicycle commutes in the fall. Reducing the size of our wardrobes is one of the best things we can do for the planet.

Every resource we use is borrowed from nature and we will therefore treat it carefully.

Houdini manifesto


The Daybreak Jacket is a great companion both for spring, summer and fall.


The new Motion Top Pants are based on the classic Motion Pants with an updated fit, leg pockets and better details.

We will keep working to minimize our negative footprint, move beyond zero, and leave an entirely positive impact on the world.

Houdini manifesto


Our beloved Power Houdi. Few garments have seen as many adventures since it was launched in 2003.

Hiking essentials

W's Daybreak Jacket

Versatile hooded jacket for activities like climbing, biking or hiking. Light, stretchy and very durable. Fully recyclable.

M's Power Houdi

Classic Houdini fleece jacket made in the exceptional Power Stretch® Pro™ from Polartec®. Warm, comfy and built to last for ages.

W's Tree Tee

Incredibly soft and comfortable t-shirt in Woodland Jersey, a fabric made from 100% wood pulp. The timeless cut and cool, stretchy fabric make Women’s Tree Tee a perfect everyday companion for the active person.

M's Motion Top Pants

Technical men's outdoor pants for alpine environments and demanding conditions. Crafted in Motion Comfortshell a light, stretchy softshell that will last for years of hard use. A great choice for mountaineering, hiking and other adventures all year around.

Small actions matter too

Choosing Houdini is an investment in quality and sustainable design. It might not be a sit-down strike in front of a coal mine, but it’s still an action. And if your next move is that strike, you will be well dressed for the occasion. Good luck!

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