Ski touring adventure in legendary Vatnahalsen

 February 5 (6) - 11(12) (Unfortunatelly fully booked!)

Join Carl Lundberg, UIAGM-authorized mountainguide and friend of Houdini since back in the days, for an unforgettable skitouring adventure in Vatnahalsen, Norway. This legendary mountain destination, once called the ”St. Moriz of the Nordics” is one of the few still remaining roadless destinations around. A well-kept secret!


You will meet up in Oslo and take the spectacular journey by train to Vatnahalsen during day 1. After that follows 4 days of amazing skitouring, right on your doorstep of the mountain lodge you will be staying at. The terrain around Vatnahalsen offers great alternatives depending on snow- and weather conditions and requires of you to be in pretty good shape and have some experience from skitouring. Day 6 you will be pretty happy to simply stretch your legs and enjoy the view on the train back to Oslo : )


Price per person: SEK 19 000 - 21 600 (depending on size of group)

Unfortunatelly fully booked! For early bird-information about the 2024 Vatnahalsen-calendar, please contact

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