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Live Large With Less Hangout

Welcome to our hub on Kungsgatan in Stockholm for a conversation about how our wardrobes can create opportunities for great adventures but with a small impact on the planet #LiveLargeWithLess. Our design philosophy is based on long-lasting products, versatile functionality and minimalist constructions. A smarter and more versatile wardrobe helps us all reduce production and thus our footprint on the planet. A smaller and smarter wardrobe creates opportunities rather than limitations, the result is a happier user and resource efficiency at a system level.

Can you manage 10 items this summer? we know you can - and we challenge you to try! Join our #LiveLargeWithLess hangout to explore this.

We will be visited by exciting Houdini friends to explore how we can transform the way we think about our wardrobes. Olof Hoverfält was curious about how he actually uses his wardrobe and has spent the past five years tracking all his garments. He has now brought with him a community of like-minded people and we get to share his insights, read more now - Why I've Tracked Every Single Piece of Clothing I've Worn for Three Years 

Gustav Hedström is our colleague who, when he is not working, lives his life with a lot of skiing, paddling, cycling and with a wardrobe that contains 15 items of clothing. Gustav will share his adventures and tricks for a LiveLargeWithLess wardrobe.

Brothers Isak and Alex live aboard a 75-foot expedition sailboat outside the University of Bergen and study climate physics. They use sailing to combine their studies with activities in nature and teach climate science. This summer they are offering their "Sail and Science" tours in Lofoten, with future ambitions of Svalbard, Greenland and beyond. They will tell you which garments are best suited to a life on a boat. For those of you who come to our Hub in Stockholm, feel free to hang around for a question and answer session, after-discussion and guidance to challenge your wardrobe with the right Houdini garments for a #LiveLargeWithLess summer.

Houdini Hub Kungsgatan 30 or online June 13 at 18.00-19.00

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