Base layer guide

A great base layer is the foundation of outdoor clothing. The purpose is to keep you dry and warm next to your skin. We have three base layer families: Airborn and Activist in natural fibers and Alpha in synthetic. Which one you choose is a matter of personal taste, but you can always rest assured. All our base layers and designed for ultimate comfort, performance and sustainability.

Natural or synthetic?

If you prefer base layers in wool or polyester is a question of personal preference. Our Alpha base layer in recycled and recyclable polyester is ultra strong and very quick drying. Airborn and Activist in wool provides great warmth but also feels cool when it’s warm outside. Wool is naturally odor resistant and therefore doesn’t require washing as frequently. We never mix synthetic and natural fibers and the reason is to make all garments recyclable.


Our lightest and most athletic woolen base layer in a 120 g blend of merino wool and silk. It provides perfect thermal balance and natural moisture transmission.

Organic, renewable and biodegradable. Perfect for skiing, climbing, running or just about any activity, both in the summer and winter. Slim fit.

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Activist has a slightly more relaxed fit and compared to Airborn. The fabric is a light and strong 170 g blend of merino wool and Tencel, a natural performance fiber made from eucalyptus trees.

Organic, renewable and biodegradable. Keeps you warm and dry on a long day in the mountains or in your everyday life. Regular fit.

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Ultra strong 220 g base-layer made from recycled and recyclable polyester. Alpha provides great moisture management and warmth. Very quick drying.

By lowering the PH-level in the fabric, the garment will stay fresh in a natural way without using hazardous chemicals. Slim fit. Designed for skiing, running and any high intensity activity.

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