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Kids Rainbow Pants

Soft, cozy and warm fleece pants with 4-way stretch. Perfect for layering in the winter or to wear on their own for everyday comfort all year around.

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    A sustainable choice

    Leftover production

    Sometimes we have fabrics or colors that are left over from our regular production. Some brands would consider that waste and get rid of it, but we believe we have an obligation to handle all resources with care and therefore we instead use the fabrics to create small batches of limited edition garments.

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    Made from surplus fabric

    • Recycled
    • Bluesign

    Available Sizes Beyond Blue:


    Kids Rainbow Jacket

    Warm, light and stretchy fleece jacket for four season use. Made in Econ Stretch, a fleece fabric made from 94% recycled polyester.

    $ 75.00

    New Color

    • Bluesign

    Available Sizes Green Planet:



    Kids Power Houdi

    Classic Houdini fleece jacket in smaller sizes. It’s soft, stretchy, warm, cozy and extremely durable. Works all four seasons.

    $ 110.00


    • Recycled
    • Bluesign

    Available Sizes True Black:



    Kids Toasty Heather

    Soft and comfortable hat in Polartec® Thermal Power Dry® that provides perfect insulation and moisture wicking.

    $ 30.00

    $ 15.00


    • Bluesign

    Available Sizes True Black:


    Kids Toasty Pants

    Stretchy, warm and comfortable pants in Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro, providing insulation, maximum freedom of movement, and next-to-skin comfort.

    $ 80.00

    $ 56.00

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