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Jr's Power Houdi

Our most beloved Power Houdi. Just in smaller sizes. It’s soft, stretchy, warm, cozy and extremely durable. P.S. This is a previous model of the Jr's Power Houdi. Same quality, only small changes to the design.

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    A sustainable choice

    Certified by Bluesign®

    Bluesign® is a third party certification that combines consumer safety, air and water emissions, the use of chemicals and human rights. You can be sure that this garment does not contain any components that are harmful to people or the environment.

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    • Recycled
    • Bluesign

    Available Sizes True Black:



    Jr's Lodge Pants

    Stretchy and warm fleece pants in Polartec® Power Dry, providing insulation, maximum freedom of movement.

    € 80.00

    € 64.00


    • Recycled
    • Bluesign

    Available Sizes Blue Illusion:


    Kids Toasty Top Hat Heather

    Soft, stretchy and cozy kids fleece hat made in Polartec Power Dry. Fits nicely under a helmet.

    € 25.00

    € 12.50

      Available Sizes Transparent:

      One Size


      The GuppyFriend Washing Bag is a great solution to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans. At the same time, you're protecting your clothing while washing.

      € 30.00

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