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Fall and winter jackets

There’s no need to be cold just because the weather is.

Popular products

Versatility at its best

Enfold Jacket

Enfold Jacket is the ultimate combination of timeless style and top of the line performance. It’s a light, warm and airy mid-layer with exceptional comfort and breathability. 

Sustainable design

  • Sustainability

    PFAS - Getting rid of forever chemicals

    Since 2018 all new Houdini garments are free from PFAS. But what are PFAS?

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable fabrics: 100%

    83% of our Fall & Winter collection 2022 is completely circular and this number is growing quickly.

  • Design philosophy

    Designer’s checklist

    We design every product with the intention of it making a difference for the end user and for the world, from a short- as well as long-term perspective.

The Storyteller

Power Houdi

Used 100 times more than the average garment. Imagine the stories it could tell.

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