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Can you eat worn-out sportswear?

Serving you the latest innovation in zero waste design: 100% natural garments, pure enough to be composted.

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Nomad Parka

The Nomad Parka is designed for the days when you don’t really know what’s in store. The minimalistic design works just as well in the city as on a hike in the woods. Sun, wind or light showers? Nomad Parka is wind- and water resistant but also highly breathable. Perfect when the weather forecast is uncertain.

Sustainable design

  • Sustainability

    The fight against microplastics

    Microplastics in our waters is a growing environmental problem. Read about how we tackle the issue, our range of solutions and what you can do to help.

  • Sustainability

    Fabrics and materials

    A garment's total environmental footprint is largely traceable to the choice of material. Deep dive into the fabrics and treatments we work with and ones we avoid.

  • Garment care

    Care for what you love

    Learn to wash and care for your technical garments and add years to their lifetime. It's easier than you think.


How we want to change the world

We have come far in the transformation we envision but as a company we believe we can move beyond zero and become a positive and regenerative force in society and for the planet.

Multifunctional garments

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    M's Crux Shorts

    The perfect do-anything-shorts for active people. Crux Shorts are made in our well tested Liquid Rock fabric, a light, stretchy and still very tough material.

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    M's Cover Crew

    Cover Crew is a given garment in any summer wardrobe. It’s a highly breathable, quick-drying and light garment that you can wear for any occasion or activity in warm weather.

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    W's Daybreak Pullover

    Minimalistic hybrid between shirt and jacket. Wear Daybreak Pullover as a light windbreaker or midlayer all year around.

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