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A complete wool layering system

The New Naturals

A love affair between nature and technology

We don't consume materials. We borrow them.

We choose to see the resources we use as resources borrowed from the planet and Houdini as the custodian of these, responsible for handing them back to the planet in good shape. A circular design perspective and a working take-back system for all Houdini products is therefore a given. Together with our end users we treat worn-out garments as they were intended when designed - as a resource to recycle, rather than as waste. 

Ride Clean

100% PFAS-free shell layers





The Storyteller

Power Houdi

Used 100 times more than the average garment.

Stop Counting. Start Feeling.

Pace Trail Running

When we designed Pace, we stopped counting grams and focused on what really counts.

  • Men's Pants

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