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M's Alpha Zip

Warm and durable base Layer Shirt with ventilation-zip. Heat Control Panels maintains body temperature and makes it ideal for high-intensity exercise in chilly conditions.

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Alpha Zip

Warm and durable base layer zip, that is perfect for the days when it is a bit colder. Alpha Zip is tailored with a backdrop to protect your lower back from chilly drafts, and with extended sleeves with thumb-loops to keep your wrists warm. A high collar gives you extra protection from chilly winds and the zip provides the ability to get some additional ventilation.

The Delta Base™ material under the arms, and in the back, effectively transports moisture and keeps you warm, while warmer Alpha Base™ panels on the sleeves and chest will keep you dry. Treated with pH Pure™that lowers the pH value of the fabric and prevents odor caused by bacteria.

If it’s a perfect microclimate you’re looking for you better start using this long sleeved crew neck. It performs at its best in chilly conditions, no matter if you’re going fast-forward up to the top or fast down the powder covered slopes, our Alpha Zip will keep you going when others would stop. When it’s finally worn out bring it back to Houdini for recycling.

M's Alpha Zip Hard facts


0.186 kg

Recommended use:

Recycled and recyable

  • Shaped collar with zip-garage.
  • Front and sleeves in recycled Alpha Base™
  • Back, side panels and armpits in Delta Base™

  • Extended sleeves with thumb loops. 

  • Treated with pH Pure™that lowers the fabric’s pH value and prevents odors caused by bacteria.
  • Comfort seams placed in non-friction areas.
  • Backdrop.
  • Made primarily from recycled fiber.
  • Recyclable.
  • Made in Poland
  • Material:
    Delta Base™ (77 % recycled polyester, 23 % polyester)
    Alpha Base™ (46 % recycled polyester, 54 % polyester)

Alpha Base™

The ultimate synthetic base. Instant dry feeling and cotton-like next-to-skin comfort.

  • Origin: Japan
  • 54% Polyester, 46% EcoCircle® recycled Polyester
  • Recyclable
  • Weight: 191 g/sqm
  • Moisture management fiber mix and 3D-knit
  • Wicking finish
  • Delta textured fiber
  • Mechanical stretch
  • Odor controlled by lower pH value/pH Pure™

Delta Base™

The ultimate synthetic base. Instant dry feeling, next-to-skin comfort and built-in stretch.

  • Origin: Japan
  • 77% EcoCircle® recycled Polyester, 23% Polyester
  • Recyclable
  • Weight: 127 g/sqm
  • Moisture management fibermix and 3D-knit
  • Wicking finish
  • Delta textured fiber
  • Mechanical stretch
  • pH Pure™ treated

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Select Color

  • Color: Burned Red

Select Size

90 EUR